Monday, September 26, 2011

OOTD–Retro Polka Dots

Lately I’ve been shopping a lot… but barely bought anything, I feel like whatever I see in store doesn’t please me enough but this week-end, I FINALLY found a long skirt that not only fit me but looked really cute!

IMG_1631 IMG_1634

*Basic Cream V-neck, Unknown necklace, F21 skirt and belt, Spring Wedge sandals*

The only thing that annoys me with long skirts or dresses… is the wind! You always picture long skirts to fly away from your body but it’s always the opposite… the wind always blows my skirt between my legs which is annoying haha . In any case, I thought this outfit was really nice, a guy in my bus complimented me on my look! This is the first time this happens (and that it wasn’t creepy!)e000_015

The only unfortunate thing that happened today is that I forgot a bag in the bus which contained a really nice top that I got from Olivia!! Original price was 40$ but I got it for 10$!e000_069 I’m so sad because it was the last lilac top but I’m going to go back to Olivia and see if they still have that one in another colour…e000_062 in the meantime, I have called the bus lost-and-found line and they told me to call everyday until Friday so check if someone was honest enough to bring it to them…

Which I highly doubt… e000_007

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