Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seoul Beauty Haul

Hi everyone! I’m back to school and I’m already looking forward for Christmas vacation haha Maybe because this is my last year before I can finally attend University! I should be in university already but I got stuck in college after a major seizure a few years ago that pretty much screwed everything for me so I can’t wait to FINALLY be done with this! Everyone is so young in college…

In any case, I’ve been both busy and lazy but Emily’s recent beauty haul post reminded me that I should show you what I go in Korea as well!


Shopping for cosmetics in Korea is amazing even for girls who aren’t koo-koo about make-up: you find Etude House, Missha, The Face Shop, Skinfood, etc. EVERYWHERE YOU GO! I was shopping in Myeondong at one point and there was 3 different Etude House store in the same area. You find these shops in the metro and in the street, sometimes not even 500m from each other!


I think I was quite reasonable for make-up but I really went bananas for sheet mask! Etude House had an event sale 35 masks for 30 000W. I also stocked up on Missha and My Beauty Diary *koff not Korean koff*. As for the other masks on the pictures, these were “samples” given!


There you have it! I should post about the clothes that I also got in Korea although I didn’t get that many~

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