Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take a look at my card!

Recently, I’ve been meeting bloggers from all over the world while working and every time, they gave me their blog card! Whenever asked for mine… I would write down my URL on the back of my job business’ card, which I found kinda meh… so after seeing the nice card that Emily sent me with her beauty package, I decided that I should also get cards from!

Here’s what they look like!


IMG_0376I put my family name on the card but I’m still hesitant when it comes to publishing it online ^^’ Even my email and personal Facebook don’t display my family name…

Mmhmm isn’t something odd about these cards? That’s right! These are actually MINI CARDS!!

Here is what the size is compared to my job’s business card! Mini Cards from are 70mm x 28mm which I think is a very nice and unique size for a blogger’s card!


I ordered the a pack of 100 cards (16.99$) on September 14th along with a pink Mini Card Holder (4.24$) with regular shipping (7.50$) for a total of 28.73$ after first order discount :)

You might think “mhmm that sounds quite expensive for only 100 cards” and frankly, I thought it was to until I got my hands on the cards. According to MOO, I was supposed to received my order on October 13th… but I received it on September 23rd! I took a little bit over a week to print and reach my home.

IMG_0373 IMG_0374
The cards came in this nice box :)

Not only did my cards arrive way before I expected them to, the quality of the paper and the image is simply amazing. The paper is very thick which makes the card very solid: should someone bend it, it bounces right back to its original shape! As for the design, I decided to go with the picture that I use as my banner… which was taken with an iPod Touch.

While you are designing your cards on Moo’s website, there is a tool that allows you to enhance your picture for printing: it made my design come out beautifully and you can’t spot a single pixel at all, even if it was taken with a 3MP camera!


e000_009Overall, MOO did a great job on my cards and I would recommend every blogger to get their cards from them! The fun thing is that if you have no idea what to do for your card design, MOO has tons of designs to chose from :)

And just to inspire to create your own cards, MOO added a few codes to share with my friends… well readers are friends too so go ahead and use these codes!


So… who wants to exchange cardse000_076

(play from 1:27 hehehe~)

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