Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall gets

I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping here and there lately and I thought it might be fun to share my latest gets! I've been a good girl, Black Friday is becoming more and more popular in Canada so I will drop by a few shops tomorrow after work, see if I can snatch any good deals!

P1010050 P1010056 P1010057
FAKE cropped top: Forever 21
Grey Top: Forever 21
Lilac asymetric top: Olivia

P1010058 P1010059 P1010060
Leopard top: Forever 21
Tan SCHILK bag: Spring
Black WYLLIE bag: Spring

P1010053 P1010051 P1010052
Black Chiffon dress: somewhere in Seoul
White sweater: Forever 21
Hello Kitty cropped top: Forever 21

Damn… I really have a lot of stuff from F21… there’s a 4 stories F21 right next to my workplace so it doesn’t really help haha! I usually never go to Dynamite but, today, between work and school, I stopped by because a leopard jacket caught my eye. The jacket turned out to be really expensive for the quality of the material BUT I found 2 beautiful hats that were originally priced at 25$ each for 10$!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got them in both beige and black!

Mmhhmmm my hair has been looking pretty awesome lately and I think I’m going to blog about how I take care of my pink ends. I’m also thinking of dying all of my head light pink :) I’m still young and I can have any hair colour I want for work so… why not right?


Oh and one last camwhoring picture, it’s been a while hahaha


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  1. Ooh awesome gets! I love the bags from spring! :D
    And f21 is love, there was this huge one when I went to mtl, I think on rue st Catherine? Love love! *_*