Monday, November 7, 2011

Glimpse of a social life

I have to admit, lately I haven’t been seeing my friends a lot. Being busy with work and school, I didn’t have much time… plus I do enough socializing at work to count it as social life…sort of XD

Friday night, Dominique and I had fun night and watched H.O.T. and Shinhwa DVDs! We couldn’t finish them but it was so much fun to sing along and make silly comments while watching those :D On Saturday night, Ray and I dropped by our friend Yuji’s place for his birthday!

Finally, Ariane was visiting Montreal so we met on Sunday at Imadake, a restaurant that I have been really curious about that’s right next to my school.

If there is one thing that we are good at is drinking and playing drinking games loudly. We sure made a lot of noise, especially on a Sunday night when most people are usually more quiet since they have to work the next day.


At one point, we made Young Jin go up to a guy, flirt and ask for his phone number. Ariane had to sing a Japanese song really loudly, Keum Yeo had to flirt with one of the cooks and Ray had to go up to owner, apologize for our group being so loud and offer him a shot (which he accepted!). We were later offered Sake Bombs on the house:

On top of the staff being totally awesome, the food and atmosphere were very nice, the best on the menu were wasabi octopus, okonomiyaki, beef tongue, mayo shrimp. The chicken karaage was decent but filled with oil. Definitely check out Keum Yeo’s review has she is spot on when it comes to reviewing restaurants XD

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  1. did mr(young jin Song)  write "cooking of korean "  the book?