Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When enough is enough + November Fashion

I had a really bad start this week: long time readers will probably remember the girl who kept sending messages to tell me she disliked me. She had left me alone for a while but recently, I’ve been receiving anonymous comments on formspring insulting me; I had no proof it was her until she left one under her username and later tried to hide it by changing her name.

Last time, I had told her if she kept this up, I would bring everything she had sent me to the police so I finally did yesterday. I was extremely nervous: I have never been in a police station before but the two female officers I met where very kind and helpful: from now on, any contact she has with me can and will be held against her in a formal complaint.

To be honest, when I left the police station, I felt extremely relieved. I thought they wouldn’t take me seriously: that after all, being a blogger, I have to expect people to hate me at times but it wasn’t the case. They looked carefully at the messages she sent me, even the anonymous ones that couldn’t be tracked to her and decided to take action. I’m very thankful for the SPVM.

If you are facing a similar situation, don’t hesitate to go to your local police: just because you are a blogger and this is happening online doesn’t not make the rules any different for you.

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This was a serious topic… now time for something a little bit less serious and on to my fashion pics for November! LOTS of knits! I can’t satisfy my knit envy lately so I have taken up knitting again, I want to be able to make my own knits from now on!











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  1. Wow, that harassment sounds really scary! Glad you stood up for yourself and took action! PROUD OF UUU :D

    Also love all those knits! I always want to pair my knits with tights but it's too cold in the mornings so I chicken out and end up wearing jeans ;_;