Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It’s all about confidence

I was really second guessing myself yesterday. Something about that personality that doesn’t really cross over the Internet or on my blog is that I’m a perfectionist and when things don’t exactly go the way I wanted it to, I sometimes freak out a little bit. I went to sleep, not sure if I liked my hair or not since my original idea was for a much lighter colour (hence why I diluted the dye with so much conditioner!).

I woke up this morning and read all of your nice comments and I feel much better. I curled my hair and now, I think I like and that I can work this colour! I will let it fade and see if it’s nice, then maybe had extensions as well! Anyway, I’m excited now so I want to thank you all for your nice feedback!


oh BTW this picture was edited with the 楽画cute app! Probably the best “purikura” editing app out there imo! The lighting in the library is weird so my hair looks orange but it’s not O.o


Sachie’s recent post inspired me to blog about my Christmas wish list. When I was a kid, I was always too shy to tell my parents that I wanted for Christmas… it always felt wrong for me but with time, I have come to understand that making a wishlist is not asking for people to get you these things but rather give them ideas of what could make you happy!


Christmas wishlit

So basically, anything pretty and cute right? haha I added the shoes because I love shoes, but I would probably be too scared to wear them since they are so pretty hahaha.

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