Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pink hair care and tips

Having pink tips for a while and pink hair for a bit now, I thought it might be nice to finally share how I take care for my hair and keep it healthy and shiny without having the colour fade, all DIY! I hope this will answer a lot of your questions!


Pick the right dye

Most people I know with coloured hair go for manic panic but from experience, it’s not the best when it comes to long lasting results. I tried Amphygory Special Effects and it’s amazing! I have on several forums that in order to get the same long lasting results you can get with Special Effects, you have to leave in Manic Panic in your hair for hours or even overnight, as suggested by some users. I would, personally, never recommend anyone to leave hair dye for such a long time (omg… the damage). Follow the instructions and if you wish to dilute the dye with a conditioner with no colorant and do a test strand and see if you like the result before applying it.

Bleach or no bleach

It is a well known fact that funky colours take better to hair that has been freshly bleached however this will cause a LOT of damage to your hair. I decided not to bleach all my hair and to simply retouch my roots. I also decided to bleach 1 inches strand of my hair on my bottom layer so that I would get various shades of pink, as if I had “natural pink highlights”. Smart move imo: it really gave my hair a lot of dimension and it is a lot more interesting to look at!

Commit and put a ring on it (sort of…)

Pink hair is going to need A LOT of care. You will have to shampoo your hair less often and change your shampoo to one that is formulated for dyed hair. I also shampoo my hair once to twice a week: in between, I use dry shampoo or rinse my hair with cold water and condition it. I have replaced my regular conditioner with L’Oreal Total Repair hair mask mixed with pink dye that I leave on while I shower. I then use Biolage detangling solution before blow drying my hair (air drying is not an option in winter). I also use a leave in conditioner at night and avoid using hairspray as much as possible.

Embrace the damage

Your hair will be damaged and there is no way to revive it. Conditioner and hair masks can only do so much. Reduce how often you use heat tools and if you have too, make sure you use a good heat protectant. There is no way to repair split ends so I like to use small scissors and cut them while I watch Judge Judy on Youtube haha. For curly and wavy hair, there are many many ways to can achieve these styles without heat, just find good tutorials on Youtube.

Get ready for reactions

If you’ve been a wallflower your whole life, that time is over. You will get a lot of compliments from strangers and  friends alike but your hair will spark arguments as well. Make sure it’s ok for you to have bright coloured hair at work/school before you damage your hair for nothing. Some people will stare at your as if you were about to mug them while kids while come up to you and say they love your bubble gum hair. Be ready for positive and negative reaction

Adapt your style and make-up

This goes for every major hair colour change; your make up and clothes will have to change a bit. Outfits that looked great with blonde hair will not fit your new hair and you will have to adjust your make-up a bit as well. Don’t be scared to experiment and find what is right for you.

Have fun! Love your hair and play with it! Pink hair is so fab to just let it sit like that on your shoulders. I find myself playing a lot with my hair these days and I enjoy dressing up a lot more since coordinating my hair with my clothes is not something I have ever done before but it’s so much fun!

IMG_2401I even match my drinks with my hair…


  1. Ah it's pink! I like it :D
    My best friend also has the most crazy colors in her hair and I'm so used to it that it feels to me like it is a natural color haha.

    I'm also very curious for your romwe review!

  2. Love Your Hair - mine is also Pink! I Did it with a conditioner for Red Hair :D But i will try manic panic as soon as possible :)

    Here you can see how i dyed my hair:

  3. If you can get your hands on Special Effects, it's better then Manic Panic! Highly recommend it!

    Love your hair btw!!!!

  4. I hope i can find it :) Thank you :)

  5. wai~ i just dyed my hair pink and end up in your blog... waaah~ so amazing~ I love your hair.. i mixed hot hot pink and cotton candy pink then conditioner... ha! but my base was a bit orangey~ and i end up having a... i dunno XD but i lurve it... hihi.. ill be reading more post... keep it coming ^_^

  6. I dyed the underside of my hair pink and the damage drove me nuts. I found the Ojon restorative hair oil and it has worked so well. My hair is wavy, curly, and very "flowy" and when I bleached it for the pink dye it was couldn't even attempt to curl like normal. After using Ojon for a few weeks, the pink in my hair has begun to act like the rest of my hair and there is practically no frizz and little evidence of damage. I also use the Dove Intense repair shampoo, which also helps control the damage.