Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decoden; Ipod 4 case

Yay! I finally got around to decorate my ugly 1$ iPod case that I got from eBay and I’m REALLY happy with the result. It’s really pink, with a lot of sweets and flowers :) It reminds me a little bit of a cake!

All the plastic parts are from Fullmoon except the large gem; that’s something I got a while ago from a plastic parts factory haha. The clay flowers are from Strapya, and the rhinestones from Artbeads!


IMG_0105  IMG_0106

To be honest, this design was a pain to make… mainly because I decided to try a different epoxy glue. Before, I had always used a 5 minutes glue which was very troublesome since it would become tacky quickly and I always had to remix more glue and ended up wasting a lot of it! So I got 60 minutes glue instead but that was NOT a good idea at all!

The parts kept moving and it was especially hard to make the bunny and large pink bow stay angled since the glue took so much time to become tacky! I like to work fast; usually when I start a deco project, I don’t stop until I’m completely done so this glue problem really slowed me down. Lesson learned: I need to find an in-between glue! haha


I think my next deco project is going to be my earphones! I need something cute to match my cute iPod~

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ranzuki January 2011

It’s already Sunday and I thought I was going to update my blog this week but it seems I’m still not used to being back to school yet: I’m really happy I am tho! I honestly, love school now that I study in something that I like and that I go to a school that I like… wow how cheesy of me~ :3

Before I go on with the cool fashion stuff, I want to address a comment I received through formspring. Although I don’t own any items made out of real fur, an anonymous coward accused me of being an ‘’animal killer’’ and a ‘’monster’’ for posting coords that include fur. I don’t think my stand on fur and fashion is relevant to anyone; it’s a personal choice and it’s a question of values. It’s great that you battle against animal cruelty and I salute you for doing so but going ahead and insulting people who don’t share the same opinions has you is childish and ridiculous. It doesn’t make me want to join you in your battle at all. This can apply to many things in your life, not only fur and fashion. Fight the battles you want to fight but stay civilized. That’s all I gotta say~

There’s nothing that pisses me off then someone who tries to force their values onto me… even if from the start we share the same ㅡ.ㅡ. Annnyyywwaaayyy~ you know what time it is :D


I find Ranzuki to be a really fun magazine: the coords are colourful and there are a looooot of outfits shots. I had to leave a few out of my collages since they were not collage friendly but I still included at lot of coords!


Oh Spring, are you here already? I want to wear shorts !!

I’m looking at these and I’m seriously heartbroken… it’s currently -30°C!! I didn’t even go outside today and I felt very sorry for my friend who had to walk his dog XD. If you live in Montreal, habillez-vous comme du monde!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ageha January 2011

Hi everyone~ how are you all doing? I’m enjoying my last two days of vacations… well not really. I caught a cold so I’ve been sleeping a lot and it’s really messing up my sleeping schedule. I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed my last deco project! :D I’m out of glue so as soon as I get some I will deco my iPod 4 case and my pill box. A friend suggested that I should deco for people and get paid for that but I don’t feel comfortable decoing for money just yet ^^’ If you wanted me to deco something for you, email me and maybe we can arrange something (like you send me your parts and I do it for you~)

Anyways~ I started a Facebook like page; someone pointed out to me that they like to read my blog but they don’t have a twitter or a blogger account so they couldn’t keep up with the updates. If you have Facebook, feel free to ‘’like’’ my page. I’ll try to add interesting content, I’m just trying to figure out what since I don’t want my twitter, Facebook and tumblr to just all be the same thing.


Now on with the interesting stuff: Ageha! I’m always eager to look at Ageha scans because I find that not only are the make up pages excellent but the magazine itself is FILLED with awesome coordinates. I always look at the whole magazine 3 times in case I missed one and often while I’m cropping the coords that I liked the most, I still spot one that I missed!

ageha_janI’m in love with the pants on the left coord!

ageha_jan2warmer coords; Canadian winter friendly!

I’m also considering a hair change… nothing brown tho (we know what happened last time ^^’) but I really like the hair colour on the third model, second collage ( I’m bad with names, sorry!). Any thoughts?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decoden; Ria’s phone

Last month, Ria and I ordered a bunch a stuff from Fullmoon and promised each other we would hang out one day and I would help her decorating her phone. She came over today and I decoed her phone for about 4 hours :)

It was a lot of fun decorating her phone; Ria pretty much let me create the design but added her touch here and there. She mainly wanted to use sweets and pearls and we went ahead with that theme.

IMG_0021IMG_0029 IMG_0032Image5

I wish her phone had been white or pink because the blue gaps still kind of bugs me and I didn’t have any pears (anyway, Ria wanted pink and white).

It’s been a while since I decoed anything! What should I deco next?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New boots!

Before I lost my job, I bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots on Spring since they were having a huge after Christmas sale! All that for 65$ + free shipping! :D

I just wanted to show you my favourite pair ( the other shoes are more spring/summer shoes anyway). They are a little small but I can stretch them. They are quite high for me but I walked my dog in them earlier tonight and they were surprisingly comfortable enough to run!



So that’s my latest get! I’ll post pictures of the other shoes I got later~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Popsister February 2011

First of all, happy new year everyone! I didn’t want to make a post just for that since it’s pretty much what everybody is blogging about (and we know how I like to do things like other people… bleh) tho I must say I wish you all a great 2011! No matter what kind of memories you have from 2010, cherish the good ones and let go of the bad!

The year kinda started off bad for me as you probably read in my previous blog entry but oh well… My name isn’t Fred if I don’t get back on my feet and keep going! Thank you all for your kind words, I wasn’t fishing for your kindness when I wrote that entry but I was really happy to see all of your comments! I told a good friend of mine yesterday : ‘’ Today only, I will cry and be sad and tomorrow, that’s it’’. So on with the good stuff: fashion!

Last month, I didn’t really find Popsister particularly interesting but this month…wow! There were a lot of outfits that I really loved but a lot of them were not collage friendly so I kept the ones that I loved the most :)



Although wearing shorts isn’t really realistic in Montreal, it’s still something I would like to give a try… wearing flesh coloured tights or something like that! I love that there is a lot of oversized sweaters too!

Any thoughts on this month’s Popsister? :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I’m so glad…

… that my friends are awesome.

Unexpectedly, I was fired from work today. I don’t want to go in details but all I’m gonna say is that’s it’s an unjustified dismissal and I’m going to fight for my rights.

I was crying at work while my co-workers were trying to cheer me up while I was emptying my locker . The person who just fired me earlier then came in and said;

‘’ I just want you to know, I’m sorry’’

‘’ No you’re not sorry but thanks anyway. No worries, I’ll be out of here in a minute, I’m almost done cleaning my locker.’’

She left really quickly and banged the door; I don’t know if it was because I refused her lame apology or because I saw through another of her lies but as little compensation as it was… it felt great to snap at her for once!

I had called my friends and they were waiting for me outside. Ellie gave me a big hug while I cried in the middle of the street. My friend George flicked my boss off through the window (though I didn’t realize until he told me later)… that was a bit immature but oh well…

We spent the day walking around, shopping, eating, drinking and cheering me up.

Today, I felt really loved and blessed to have such wonderful friends,


Puffy eyes, ruined make-up and red eyes… don’t care. I wanted to take a pic to remember the day where my friends ran to me to cheer me up.

And they did a wonderful job :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ugh. Wrote 2 posts, but I’m too tired to edit them. My grammar is pure bleh right now.

Here’s some useless camwhoring instead.

182550yay for good hair days

I bought this marine-ish jacket at H&M this fall, it was only 20$ since the buttons were ugly and falling apart. Finally got around to sew some pretty gold ones instead. Mom is in love with this jacket. Big dots t-shirt also from H&M, 5$ on clearance. I love good deals! :D

224450wearing the same jacket, again XD

Got a haircut today, only bangs @ Idéal Nature. Carlos is totally awesome, if you need a hair cut, ask for him. Not paid or anything btw, I just love supporting a friend’s business.

Meh… this blog entry is so pointless XD posting a real one tomorrow!