Thursday, December 6, 2012


no make-up, no photoshop, no color-correction

I get told a lot that I have really great skin and I'm always asked "what's your secret?" and honestly... there isn't one. I really don't do much to my skin: most of the time I leave it alone but here are a few things that I use and do anyway to keep my skin healthy and nice :)


I really, really like Bioré. I was given some products at the GlossyBox event and haven't stopped using them since. The Deep Cleansing Porte Strips are a classic that pretty much everyone uses but Bioré also has really great cleansers! I used to love Saint-Ives for clearing up my complexion but the recent changes in their formulas hasn't been satisfying for me. I really really like Bioré's Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser to exfoliate my skin and get rid of blackheads. Highly recommend it! I use these products in alternance during the week, usually whenever I'm taking a shower. I use the Pore Strips occasionally, whenever I have stubborn blackheads.


I mentionned before that I pretty much wash my face only once a day: I don't think that using a lot of products on my skin on a daily basis is a good thing so I try to keep it minimal and it's been working great for me. I do however make sure that I remove my make-up properly every night. My favourite make-up remover is from Marcelle, either in pads or in liquids. I also like Ponds towelettes for lazy nights haha. I apply one moisturizer at night, Nivea Light Regenerating Night Care. When my skin is dry, sometimes I will use a moisturizer in the morning, Aveeno Fresh Essentials Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30. Evian Facial Spray is amazing during the summer... or when you have a crazy fever!


It's not a secret that I really really really really really love sheet masks! I try to use them at least once or twice a week, depending on how my skin feels; I tend to use them more during the winter since my skin faces a lot of temperature changes in one day. My Beauty Diary, Skinfood, Etude House are some of the brands I order online and use frequently!

There you have it, I hope it was helpful for someone! I remember when I was young, I had blemishes, my skin was irritated and no matter what I did, it just looked bad. And no one really teaches you when you're a teenager how to care for your skin properly... that shit need to be taught in schools, seriously! I realize now that all I really needed to do was to stop desperately trying to fix it with a billion products... that was just irritating my skin and making everything worse! Sometimes, you just need to leave your skin the eff alone. It's very tempting with gurus and bloggers reviewing products here and there to always try new products but keep in mind that trying on too many products in a short period of time can take a toll on your skin too! If whatever you're doing right now works, no need to change it, right? :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Ultimate Pink Hair FAQ

Newsflash, I don't have pink hair anymore! I actually got rid of it last week and decided to end this year of pink hair with an ultimate FAQ, answering all questions I've ever been asked about pink hair.

The concept of real hair is weird… is my hair a wig? No. 
Do I wear extensions? Yes, sometimes. 
Is the colour unnatural? Well, yeah. 
Is this my natural hair colour? Bitch, you high?

I dye my hair with the blood for 2 sacred virgins that are scarified under a full moon. When I can't find any, I use Special Effects in Cupcake Pink and Atomic Pink. I've also used Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink and Hot Hot Pink as backups.

Americans can find it at a lot of places such as Hot Topic. Canadians, we have it hard. The only website that ships to Canada that I like and trust is Funky Shop.

I mix it with conditioner then apply to my hair for at least an hour. Have a friend help you apply the dye to the back of you hair if you've never done this before.

I don't know, every time I dye my hair, I use a different ratio. As long as the mix is pink, it works.

To mix the different shades of pink I may be using. Pigments in funky colour dyes are very strong so you can dilute them using conditionner.

I like Tresemme: mostly because it's cheap and it comes in huge ass bottles.

Yes, it will help condition damaged hair while dying it.

Yes, it's up to you.

Yes and no. Not from the pink hair, from the bleaching a little bit. My hair is damaged because I use heat tools and I don't always use heat protectant.

No. Pink dye itself doesn't damage your hair. What will damage your hair is the bleach and how you care for your hair afterwards. If you're not planning to invest time (and some money) to care for your hair as if it is your first born child, you're not cut to have pink hair.

Don't sleep with wet hair, use heat protectant, avoid drenching your hair in hair products. I like to use virgin olive oil on my hair once in a while to moisturize it.

It's very likely that you will need to, especially if you want a nice vibrant pink. Ask your hairstylist for their opinion and if they recommend bleaching your hair. They will take into consideration the current state of your hair before bleaching. DO NOT BLEACH AT HOME.

Because that shit is dangerous, bra! You can damage your hair, miss spots, do a horrible bleaching job or leave it on too long and burn your scalp. YOU CAN GO BALD! Go to a salon and have someone take care of that for you. Don't be a cheapo!


Toning your bleached hair will get rid of all the yellow/orange tones, essentially turning your hair platinum or white which is an ideal base for pink hair. 

No, you can but you will get an horrible shade of pink in less than 2 weeks. It is not recommended to wash your hair every day, especially with pink hair. Stick to every 2-3 days and use dry shampoo or rinse your hair in between washes.

Products formulated for dyed hair will help. Avoid Pantene or Head and Shoulders, makes your hair colour run faster than Usain Bolt. DaddyO from Lush helps reduced orange/yellow tones that make your pink hair look peachy.

Read this.

Go to a salon, have them bleached and then apply your pink dye.

Usually, whenever I do my roots, I apply the colour to the rest of my hair as well. In the summer, I tend to wash my hair more so I would reapply hair dye every 3-4 weeks to keep the colour nice.

Yes. You're not a mermaid to keep in mind that you still need to go to the surface to breathe. Also, chlorine is not good for your pink hair and it will make it turn a funky colour.

Pink hair can be a little be limiting: wearing a pink top with pink hair can make you look like that crazy pink lady, depending on the shade and all. White can also be tricky if you sweat and your colour runs… the neck line of your white shirt could turn pink.

Pink hair and make up is fabulous. I actually think that you need to wear at least a little bit of make-up to work it. You can get away with crazy cat liner or dramatic lashes because, WHATEVER, your hair is pink!!!

I WANT MY HAIR TO LOOK LIKE THIS PINK IN THIS ( insert picture of tumblr girl / Nicki Minaj ) HOW DO I DO IT?
This is probably the most annoying question you can ask: why do you want to look exactly like someone else so badly? You can never replicate the same pink hair twice so all I have to say is good luck finding the perfect dye and ratio. You'll have better luck with a wig or hiring Nicki Minaj's weave specialist.

There you have it! All the questions I've ever received or was ever ask in the street!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Terminanurse (728)

If you follow me on twitter, you've probably read some tweets about how I'm sick and all. Meh. I've spent the last couples days in several clinics and the last two in a hospital, mostly waiting to see doctors and specialists and all.

Today I met Terminanurse ( que j'ai surnommé la matricule 728 des infirmières mais ça marche pas tant en Anglais ). I've been in and out of clinics and hospitals for the whole weeks, trying to figure out what's wrong with me ( i.e. rashe, extremely high fevers, swollen and painful lymph nodes, blah blah blah ) and we've finally narrowed it down: it's either an allergic reaction to my new meds for epilepsy or some evil unindentified nasty. And blood tests will tell. Cool.

So that's where Terminanurse comes in. Lady looks nice, we chat a little bit; I like to get to know people a bit before I give them some blood, you know.... I'm a lady. She finally pricks me with her needle. I never look at my arm during a blood test because I hate blood and I hate needles. So I was looking at my mom instead, everything was going well... Until she starts WIGGLING THAT NEEDLE OF DEATH INSIDE OF MY ARM!!!!

" Ow that hurts "

No response. She keeps on wiggling the freaking needle more. I'm not one to complain about pain, but this shit hurts like fuck.

" Ok, this hurts really really bad "

No response from the nurse. My mom looks horrified and the pain crosses that threshold and I start crying, really really hard. And I'm trying not to move because Terminanurse over here is still wiggling that huge ass needle in my arm and last thing I need right now is to make it worse.


The keeps wiggling this evil medical tool in my arm. I can feel the needle scratching whatever else is in my arm and close to said vein. She's not hearing my begging so I sit there, crying so hard, looking at my scared mother.

" Ok ~~ I'm done ~~ !"

She finally removes the diabolic needle from my arm and goes on with her business, nearly whistling a joly tune while I'm still crying in pain. I didn't let her put a bandaid on me... WHAT COULD SHE DO WITH A BANDAID IF SHE COULD HURT ME WITH A NEEDLE... I ain't taking risks, I'll bleed in my shirt, I don't care.

We get out of there and my mom says: " Ice cream ? "

" A full tub please. "

And then,

I dyed my hair lilac.

You can still see the rashes on my arms and face :(


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Katy Perry lashes review

I was at Shopper's today and I noticed these lashes in a gift section and was quite intrigued by them. I had read a couple of interesting reviews on these lashes and thought I would try them myself! There are four different designs and they all are packaged beautifully. The boxes remind me of Japanese cosmetics, such as Dolly Wink.

I decided to give the Oh, Honey! since they seemed to be quite natural. Oh My! is quite dramatic and I couldn't think of any occasions where wearing such lashes would actually look nice on me. Sweeties also has a more natural look and I liked how the ends of the lashes are thicker; it reminds me a lot of popular Diamond lashes. Finally, Cool Kitty seems to be the type of lashes I would wear at night, although they kind of remind me of lashes you can get in those 10 for 2$ boxes.
What I like: the lashes are very dense, they don't look bulky. The length it also ideal and the curl is perfect: some lashes are too curly and end up poking the top of my eyelid. If you would like a more intense curl, they can easily be curled, although they will most likely not fit in a regular eyelashes curler unless you trim them. If you wish to do the elongated lash line style of make up ( like in gyaru ), I recommend using the KOJI no 100 lashes curler to curl them! The lashband is very think, invisible and flexible, making the lashes very light. They are so light, you don't feel like you're wearing lashes!

What I didn't like: the glue that comes with the lashes is not worth trying to use. I recommend sticking to your favorite glue and not wasting your time with the sample provided. Another thing I didn't like is that the lashes looks little bit shiny. I also wished that that another pair was included since they seem quite fragile and I'm pretty sure they will wear out in no time...

Overall, I think they are very good lashes and I think that they can easily be used for Japanese style make-up! They are also way above other lashes sold in drugstores in terms of quality. The price is quite reasonable and they can easily be found at Shopper's for 7,99$!



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Epilepsy and me

November is an awareness month for pretty much every causes and cancers, but the one that hits home for me is Epilepsy. November is the month of Epilepsy Awareness and although I've talked my condition before, I would like to share my story with you. It has always been a personal goal to talk about epilepsy because there are a lot of misconceptions regarding this neurological condition and I like to inform people so they are confortable with epilepsy.

Last time I blogged about obtaining my learner's and a lot of you were interested on how epilepsy has affected my life. My story is not as dramatic as some other epileptics but epilepsy has played a major role in a lot of decisions I took. It also has had negative but also some positive effects on my life. Gather around children, as I tell you my story!

I started experiencing jerks in my arms around the age of 13. I remember clearly experiencing a jerk in my arm during summer camp, I thought it was due to fatigue so I didn't think much of it. However, they started occurring weekly,and then daily. My parents thought it was just a phase but it eventually got bad... The jerks would occur in the morning, when I was tired and stressed. I would have them in my arms all the time and I had stopped eating breakfast because it was always upsetting to me: I would break glasses and plates daily.

Eventually, my mom brought me to a doctor because I started getting these jerks in my legs: I would walk and randomly fall on the ground. We were referred to a neurologist who did some tests but we never heard from him ever again. A year later, we got a call from Dr Jeffrey Jirsch from the Montreal General Hospital. The EEG I had done a year before showed signs of epilepsy so we did more EEGs, MRIs and other tests. Finally, by the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy is a type of epilepsy that develops when you're a teen and that most people will have for the rest of their lives. Luckily, it can easily be controlled with medication, but its a matter of being responsible and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I first was really depressed about my diagnosis and was extremely sensitive about people knowing until I realized how sweet and understanding my classmates were. I was prescribed Frisium but was quickly switched over to Keppra as it wasn't working well for me. I started on a very high dosage of Keppra and would sleep all the time. I didn't like taking it so I often skipped it. One time in March 2009, I skipped my meds and went to work early. I later attended a party and drank a lot. I crashed at my boyfriend's (at the time). The next morning I wasn't feeling too well but left for work anyway.

I was walking to the metro... that's it. I don't remember what happened. About 30 minutes later, I regained consciousness; I was on the ground, blood all over my face. My head hurt like hell and I was confused. I realized that a paramedic was trying to talk to me but I had a hard time talking... He then informed me that I just had a seizure and everything would be ok. I then asked for my cellphone, called my boss and told him I couldn't come to work. I then called my dad, who was 2 hours away, and told him what happened.

Everything else is still a blur to me today. I remember doing some tests and staying some time in ICU. I felt very lonely and a cute nurse came to clean the blood of my face. I started crying because I was worried of having scars and he was so sweet and said that I was too pretty and even with scars, I would look beautiful. My older brother then arrived: my dad had called him and told me to get here ASAP. My dad arrived a bit later and I was later discharged. I slept for 2 days straight and missed a week of school.

After that, I never skipped my meds ever again: I learned the hard way that alcohol, stress, lights and fatigue were my triggers and that I needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle or it would happen again. I did have a seizure in my sleep after that but it wasn't s bad as the previous seizure. Since then, I've been careful about getting enought sleep and not drinking too much. I can hold my liquor very well but I never get too drunk... Costs too much money in drinks to get to that point anyway (haha). I also only drink with people who are aware of my condition and know what to do if something were to happen.

For the last 6 months, I've been very depressed and anxious and we've realized last Monday that these were very likely side effects from Keppra and I'm now starting on a different medication called Lamictal. I'm already starting to feel a difference: I feel that I have more energy and I don't feel tired all the time!

So what are positive things I've learned from being epileptic? Honestly, I don't think I would be such a strong person if I wasn't epileptic. Yeah shit happens in life, but I can stay here and cry myself to sleep because I have an incurable neurological condition. I don't need pity nor do I think I'm a pitiful person. I also don't think I would be as healthy as I am: I take care of my body since pretty much everything can be linked to my epilepsy.

Epilepsy is something that's part of me and its probably going to be the case for the rest of my life, but it's not something that defines me or controls my life. I'm lucky: I have control over it. I can now drive. Yeah, it set me back in my studies but I realize that it's kind of a good thing; I'm a lot more serious about school and goal oriented compared to my younger classmates!

I think this goes to show that anyone can turn a bad situation into something positive for you and other people around you!

Epilepsy is not something a lot of people talk about: a lot of us are shy to talk about it because there are a lot of social stigmas surrounding it so I would like you to feel free to ask ANY questions. Honestly, there are no stupid questions about epilepsy, only opportunities to learn and now is a pretty good one! So please ask me anything in the comments or if you are shy, by email!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter is coming

And as much as I would like to pretend that it's not the case... the flu that I caught a few days ago is a clear reminder that the cold season is just around the corner. And also a reminder that no matter how cooler my outfit looks with my coat open, it's getting too cold for that.

Hoping you are keeping warm, so here are boots that not only seem to be really warm but also look great!

Boots and pictures from JustFab, Steve Madden, Solestruck and Betsey Johnson!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"It's easy to get lost in Felicia Hardy"

I present you, my latest cosplay, Black Cat / Felicia Hardy from Marvel!

I've had a fascination for her character for quite some time now ( I've never been very found of Mary Jane...) and when I heard that Arena was going to have a Halloween club, I seized the opportunity and made this costume!

I ordered the catsuit on eBay (this seller) and made a few adjustments so it would fit me better. I also got the wig on eBay (this seller): it's not a fantastic wig but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a wig that would most likely get ruined in a club. I hunted the perfect faux fur with my friend Eru and made the mask out of craft foam!

I wish I had better / not webcam pictures to show this costume... I won 200$ at the costume contest and I'm really happy about that! I want to work on a few things before I take pictures!

In the meantime, here's a lovely drawing a redditor did of me! :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A room without books is like a body without a soul

Now, I've got the books covered but my computer gave up on life Thursday night and my room feels quite empty at the moment. I was able to e tract my hard drive and I have a back up of my files but its infuriating to come home late at night from a long day at work and school to a dead motherboard... Sigh

Good news is that I've already ordered a new computer and should receive it in 2 weeks! In the meantime, I thought it my be cool to show you all how redecorating my room is coming along! We are still finishing up so I will probably make a video when it's done :)


I absolutely adore this best. It has drawers, yay more storage clothes space!
The lamp is fell in love with! IT'S NOW MINE!
New closet doors and more rods for more storage clothes!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Alright, we get it mother nature, summer is so over now. Every day it’s colder and colder. Most of the time, I feel like staying in bed, watch a drama while drinking hot chocolate. So of course, the natural thing to do when it gets cold is to look into new, trendy but most importantly, warm sweaters and jackets.





Here is my shopping list for the month!

□ Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters

Tuesday, September 25, 2012



We have analyzed the report(s) of medical examination that you have submitted or medical information concerning your driver’s licence.

According to the information on your file, your medical condition allows you to keep your current driver’s licence [without conditions].

I actually received my learners a few weeks ago but I wanted to wait for my medical papers to process to celebrate (because my neurologist’s secretary is so damn inconpetent, she didn’t even know where she had mailed the papers…) . I know it may look silly for a lot of you but being epileptic, this is a HUGE deal for me. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 17 and it put a stop to a lot of things, and one of them was learning how to drive. It really sucked at the time, everyone was learning how to drive and I couldn’t. My younger brother got his licence before me too… ouch…

Obviously, epilepsy cannot be cured, it’s something you live with (at least for me) for the rest of your life, you have to learn how to deal with it and being able to finally receive this means a lot to me. It’s like someone is telling me that it’s ok and that I’m doing good and that I’m healthier.

So yeah, super happy right now :) I feel like a normal person and it’s awesome~

(totally had to shooped my face tho, what’s up with SAAQ cameras giving fat faces to everyone wtf…)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

But now in September the garden has cooled

IMG_003331sneak peek of my room, almost done :)

Yup, it really has. Not sure if cool is appropriate but COLD is. Of course, mother nature likes to remind us that we live in Canada ( YOU BITCHES AIN’T GETTING NO CALIFORNIA WEATHER"! ). Ive been extremely busy with work and finishing redecorating my room that I had no time for shopping lately. I finilly dropped by Forever21 after my shift on Saturday because I was freezing and I wanted to buy a sweater to wear right away lol.

All I wear lately are jean and graphic tees because I could care less of what I look like at work… but after seeing a horrible picture of me taken at my work published in the newspaper… yeah uh I need to be more careful…

I challenged you all to find that picture in the Montreal Gazette… my expression is worth a million bucks haha

Saturday, September 15, 2012



I bring you, my latest cosplay, Zatanna from DC Comics! I had planned to attend ComicCon Montreal a while ago and I wanted to fit in with my friends Ria and Chaly who were cosplaying Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. I searched for a character and stumbled upon Zatanna, I had never heard of her before but I downloaded her comic and really love her sassy personnality so I decided to cosplay her!

There are several version of her “working clothes” so I chose to go for the white corset outfit, based on the Zatanna covers of issues 11, 15 and 16. I would in details on how I made this costume, but I’m too lazy right now lol enjoy pictures instead!

Who needs a knight in shining armour when you have a Clark Kent in spandex?

IMG_4392-1 IMG_4393-1
I have to say, I have a crush on this guy haha

Mini Batmans!

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Space



For a while, I’ve been planning redecorating my room. A few years ago, my younger brother moved his room to the basement and I got his room, which was much bigger. We never got around decorating it so for years I had a teenage boys room, with dark blue walls and cubes mounted on the walls... So depressing!

So I decided that I’ve had enough and decided it’s time to make it ME ! At first, I wanted to go for something retro and girly but realized that I would probably grow tired of that look so going through IKEA’s catalogue, I decided to go for something more simplistic, modern but feminine. My mom really like the first concept image ( she called it the “blogger room” lol ) with an open wardrobe. I liked the idea and also thought it would be nice to have a bed frame with drawers: I have A LOT of clothes…

In any cases I can’t wait to see how it will it turn out! In the mean time… this is what my room looks like! Emptied and removed the cubes from the wall. Tomorrow, we’re enlarging the closet!!! We’re going to install full length mirror doors!!!! YAY!!!!


~ BTW: Readers who live in Quebec, don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow!!! ~

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Change of heart




Or hair? I don’t know, major hair changes have always followed some romance drama but I’ve been single for a while now. So now, I just do whatever I want with my hair whenever I want :)

I touched up my hair and decided to had more blue than usual in my mix. At first, my hair turned out grape purple and I was horrified so I washed it several times with strong shampoo until it came out fuschia with purple low lights. I did the same with my extensions and left the ends untouched to have some sort of pink gradiant.

Both the low lights and the gradiant were very hard to capture on camera since they are so subtle… oh well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August rushes by like desert rainfall

Summer is drawing to an end and I rather not see summer fashion go away, so it’s time for some late summer fashion inspiration from Ageha, Jelly and SCawaii!








Here is my shopping list for the month!

□ Pastel skinny jeans
□ Cute sneakers
□ New purse

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I never actually planned to attend Otakuthon this year; I’ve realized last time I attended that I’m so out of the loop when it comes to anime and frankly, I don’t have the energy or time to get back into it. However, last night, I was feeling nostalgic when I saw all the cosplay pictures my friends were uploaded and decided at the last minute to attend anyway!



I had completed this costume with my mom a while ago; I had planned to wear this on Halloween last year but I ended not wearing it because I didn’t have the time to gather all the accessories. Last night I rushed to complete the costume and to turn the disaster that was this wig into something somewhat decent. It’s a good thing Babydoll’s hair is often messy because that’s the only thing this wig is good for… and the garbage can.

DSC_5018 copy

DSC_5011 copy

DSC_5019 copy

I had so much fun; I didn’t attend many events or panels but just posing and seeing how many people liked my cosplay and recognised me was all I needed.

Thanks Victor and Ria for convincing me to come and Mel for lending me your sword; without it, my pictures wouldn’t have been as good!