Monday, February 6, 2012

FAKE Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner

I really love Dolly Wink products: most of the time, I get them from this great eBayer for a decent price, including shipping fees. Earlier this year, I saw another offer on eBay from a different seller for the Deep Black eyeliner and I thought: “Mhmm I need to stock up on this eyeliner” so I purchased it… to my surprise, I received a cheap, counterfeit Dolly Wink imitation!

As soon as I got the product, I messaged the seller saying that I had received a counterfeit product and that I wanted my money back since I had paid for a KOJI Dolly Wink eyeliner. The seller, alrocku2007, claimed that this was the “Hong Kong” version of this product and that it was the real deal. Clearly, this person doesn’t know what they are talking about so I reported the item to eBay and I wanted to show you pictures of what the counterfeit looks like compared to the real deal.

Left: fake Dolly Wink eyeliner

Right: Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner


The fake eyeliner packaging has a lot of difference from the original one: the shade of pink on top of the box is darker. On the original box, the English text says:

“ Every girl can become a doll! For the girl who wants to be “Otona Kawaii”, it’s a present from Tsubasa".”

However, the fake box only has the first part of the text:

“Every girl can become a doll!”

and is centered instead of being aligned to the left. Also, the back of the box contains different information at the bottom. Japanese make-up imported in Hong Kong usually don’t have a redesigned packaged but instead will have a sticker with translated information regarding the use of the product and its ingredients and a product code. Oddly enough, the product “made for the Hong Kong market” contains information only in Japanese.


What really made me question the product that I received that the fact that Tsubasa’s picture and the text “ Produced by Tsubasa Masukawa” was replaced by a 24h logo and the text read: “water strong liner” instead. The design of the bow is also very flimsy and off and somewhat cut off.


That really made me realize this was an imitation was the fact that they erased the KOJI logo and replaced it with “Fairy Girl”. KOJI is a well known Japanese make-up that is still up and running and it hasn’t been bought or been replace by “ Fairy Girl”. Surely if they were to market this product in other countries and adapt the packaging, they would keep the name KOJI is on it and Tsubasa’s picture as well otherwise, what’s the point??


BUT all of these could simply be a new packaging for a product but let’s take a look at the eyeliner pen itself. The design of the pen is fairly similar but upon looking at it closely, the dots, bow and logo are blurry: it’s not my camera! Usually when product are repackaged, it’s for the better, the quality of the design isn’t reduced! The cap is also pink and dotted instead of black.


After realizing this a fake product, I would have to be crazy to bring this eyeliner anywhere near my eyes so I tested it out of my hand and on a tissue: the texture of the brush is completely different. The real Dolly Wink eyelier is a fiber brush that’s very flexible and that allows you to make very thin lines and wing your eyeliner perfectly.

The fake eyeliner has a very stiff felt brush that only produces a somewhat thin line if you place it at 90°!


So obviously, this is an imitation and I could have avoided getting this by reading the reviews this person had because despite a majority of positive reviews, negative reviews stood out.


Lesson learned!

Stick to the eBayers I know and have ONLY positive feedback! I hope this post helps someone to NOT buy a fake one by accident!


  1. I want to thank you, I saw this same user selling these eyeliners and I was actually bidding on them thinking they were the real thing! I found your blog by accident, but I'm glad I did because I quit bidding on the fake eyeliners. Thanks so much! I find it ironic that I run into your blog just as I was bidding o.o Thanks again, I'll be following your blog :)

  2. I came here from Eki. Thanks for this post, I was going to buy one from eBay but decided not to. Yeesh!

  3. I'm happy this post helped you! Not all ebayers are dishonest like this one, for example
    terryyuen72 sells Japanese make-up and they are genuine products! I've order from this seller several times and always got amazing products :)

  4. wow :( so fake! thanks for sharing..

  5. Thank you for the post! So,
    terryyuen72 sells authetic Dolly Wink products? Cause I want to buy the eyeliner.

  6. hello  girls :) , I usually buy from  , they are in Tokyo and   just sell original products.

  7. Ok. China produces counterfeits. And it should be blamed. So what abou the seller, HK? What do u think of HK if they keep stocking up from china?