Tuesday, March 27, 2012







I’ve spoiled myself this week-end. Chanel and Betsey Johnson are a woman best friends, that’s it.

As much as I love the magical Poudre Universelle Libre from Chanel, I wanted to get a compact to carry around for touch-ups! What horrible thing for my workplace to be right next to Ogilvy hahaha!

I also visited my friends at Betsey Johnson Montreal and got this beautiful watch! I had originally purchased it online but cancelled my order when I realized the cost of shipping. I was heartbroken when I realized two days later that it had been removed from the website… I was so happy to see it in the boutique! Plus, they were having a prom party; giving out cupcakes, pink energy drinks and gifts! I received a 50$ gift certificate for a spa! yay!


Thank you Betsey Johnson Montreal, La maison ISHI and Lush Montreal for the goodies!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to maintain a beautiful pink shade

One of the comments I get a lot from friends and strangers is how beautiful my shade of pink is. There are two secrets behind my hair colour: the first one, I discussed about it in this blog post where I decided to bleach and tone my hair white before applying the pink dye.

The second… I am CONSTANTLY retouching my hair to avoid my colour to fade to a horrible yellow-ish pink colour. Trashtastika from The Fashionate Traveller let me know that semi-permanent hair dyes like Manic Panic and Special Effects don’t actually damage the hair: the damage comes from bleaching and bad hair care.

I noticed that my roots tend to fade faster then the rest of my hair so knowing that retouching my hair is not damaging, I regularly mix a little bit of pink hair dye with conditioner and apply it to my hair and leave it on for around an hour.


You can see the top si definitely yellowish-pink while my ends are still a nice shade of pink. I hate uneveness so it’s time to correct this!

IMG_1661 IMG_1667

Mix your dye and conditioner together. Currently, Special Effects Cupcake Pink is back order so I use more Manic Panic Cotton Candy but I can’t wait to receive more Special Effects at the end of the month =X Once you’re happy with the colour apply it to your hair focussing on where the colour has faded more. Don’t forget to take a glamourous picture as well LOL


Leave it on for a while: the conditioner will help condition your hair and the dye will give your colour the boost it needed!


And because everyone seems to love pink hair, here are daily pictures of my hair :)


IMG_1715 IMG_1885IMG_2038 IMG_1735

Next time I’ll blog about the products I use in the my hair and what I do to avoid my hairstylist lecturing me ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A hint of Spring

Hey everyone!

Last time I blogged, I was worrying about my school going on strike: after that blog post, I got involved in my school’s “politics” and took part in an Anti-Strike intense campaign. I have to say, I’m extremely proud because the result is: my college will absolutely not go on strike! First, we were supposed to have a vote during a general assembly but the turn up was so important, 3 cafeterias were not enough for the approx. 3000 students! Instead, a referendum was held and all tree offers of strikes were denied! I’m glad I’m not going on strike and that I can really focus on my studies right now :)

Aside from that, it was my birthday Wednesday and I celebrated with my family. My dad bought me beautiful flowers (he specified to the florist that they needed to be pink to match my hair LOL!) and my mom couldn’t decide which cake to get… so she bought both haha!

photo 1(1) photo 2(1)
photo 3(1) photo 4(1)

Finaly, I met two lovely readers today at work and they both asked me when was I going to post magazine collages since it had been a while so I promised I would post one once I was done working, so here it is!










Hope you like it! I didn’t want to kill your name online so feel free to leave it in the comment box and I’ll edit this post :)