Saturday, March 10, 2012

A hint of Spring

Hey everyone!

Last time I blogged, I was worrying about my school going on strike: after that blog post, I got involved in my school’s “politics” and took part in an Anti-Strike intense campaign. I have to say, I’m extremely proud because the result is: my college will absolutely not go on strike! First, we were supposed to have a vote during a general assembly but the turn up was so important, 3 cafeterias were not enough for the approx. 3000 students! Instead, a referendum was held and all tree offers of strikes were denied! I’m glad I’m not going on strike and that I can really focus on my studies right now :)

Aside from that, it was my birthday Wednesday and I celebrated with my family. My dad bought me beautiful flowers (he specified to the florist that they needed to be pink to match my hair LOL!) and my mom couldn’t decide which cake to get… so she bought both haha!

photo 1(1) photo 2(1)
photo 3(1) photo 4(1)

Finaly, I met two lovely readers today at work and they both asked me when was I going to post magazine collages since it had been a while so I promised I would post one once I was done working, so here it is!










Hope you like it! I didn’t want to kill your name online so feel free to leave it in the comment box and I’ll edit this post :)

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  1. Definately. I want to go next spring tho, you up to it?