Thursday, April 5, 2012

April is the cruellest month

Isn’t it? Some days are beautiful, sunny and warm (like today!) and others are just ble… weather, please make up your mind?

While the weather was acting up, I’ve been enjoying Japanese Fashion magazine and here are my monthly outfit picks! Instead of simply posting these outfits, I’ve decided to create myself a shopping listen based on the looks I like; this way, I’ll be able to create those looks myself… and avoid impulse buys!


Happy Nuts




 sozai_icon00464 April Shopping List sozai_icon00464[3]

□ Bright colourful statement blouse
□ Light pink or turquoise jeans
□ Nude/Beige/Navy jacket
□ Short beige trench coat
□ Tan heels and sandals
□ Colourful skirt
□ Denim shirt
□ Shorts!!!

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  1. C'est un trailer. J'aime beaucoup ses livres. Elle parle des différents entre le canada anglais et francophone, et il y a une belle profondeur à ses personnages. Si tu viens ici j'ai les versions en anglais et en francais je te les preterai