Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ain’t a party if it’s not a GlossyParty

Today I attended an extremely cool event organized by Glossy Box Canada! I was extremely lucky: I had left a comment on their blog and they contacted me because a winner who had won a spot for the event couldn’t attend!

The party was such a huge success: Glossy Box had brought in hairdressers, make-up artists and a ton of representatives to talk about the latest beauty products! It was so cool to finally meet other bloggers from Montreal and get to try out new products! Glossy Box was so nice and gave everyone who attended a gigantic goody bag, on top of all the products we received during the event!

Here are some pictures of the event!

photo 1 photo 2
Glossy Boxes and sponsor products on display

photo (7) photo 3 
Got my hair done by the lovely Jonathan from Pure (Les Cours Mont-Royal)

photo 4 photo 5 
Sarah-Jane getting her make-up done!

photo (8)

It was so much fun and I’m so happy that I’ve met so many amazing and beautiful bloggers! You should all check out Sarah-Jane from “Beauty Talk with Sarah-Jane”, Gina from “Fixations of a Canadian Twentysomething” and The Green Geekette! I had so much fun hanging out with you girls!

Finally I wanted to show the content of the goody bags we received. We ended up with some of the products twice since they were giving them out during the event and we received the goody bags when we left: to our surprise, they contained a lot of things we had already picked up!

IMG_0039so many products oh my god!!! Sebastian, Algemarin, Wella, Marc Anthony, Bioré, Bailey, Kiss, Evian, Elin Blanco, John Frieda, Its Cosmetics, imPress and Beauty So Clean!

IMG_0040Bioré photobooth fun with Sarah-Jane!

Thank you Glossy Box for inviting me to such a fabulous event!

and for my fabulous readers, stay tuned because tomorrow I will have something special for you!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clearly Contact Canada Review

For a few months now I've been having serious migraines and my doctor recently suggested that it might be due to my vision. I always get lazy when it's time to buy glasses; I find that glasses don't suit me and that the type of glasses I would like is never available or simply way too expensive.

Recently Emily from THISWASFOREVER blogged about Clearly Contacts and I decided to give Internet a try at glasses shopping.

Derek Cardigan 7004 in Rootbear

First of all, I was extremely surprised to see how simple it was to look for frames and enter your prescription . The interface is very user friendly! I also used a coupon to get my first pair of glasses for free! I only paid for shipping! How awesome is that? These beautiful glasses only cost me 14.90$!

And just to add to the awesome, Clearly Contacts shipped with Xpress Post, included a case, a repair kit and a cleaning kit! Something I never ever got whenever I would purchase glasses, at like, 300$ wtf.

So my verdict is this: Clearly Contacts is absolutely the best when it comes to shopping for glasses. I don't know if my headaches will go away but at least I avoided one from the pain of trying on countless pairs for glasses in a horribly lit shop!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Server maintenance

Is this an OOTD post? Oh my. I’ve been playing Diablo III like a maniac since it came out and I haven’t paid much attention to my looks these days. There was a server maintenance this morning so I decided to brave the sun and go for a walk.


Top: Les Cours Mont-Royal
Shorts: Dynamite
Sandals: Sping

Casual is good. No make-up, messy hair and a comfy is always a winning combination, as long as you add wedged sandals!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I hate goodbyes

Especially when it comes to Betsey Johnson. How ironic that I recently discovered my love for the brand and it just filled for bankruptcy...

I passed by my local Betsey Johnson store to get a few goodies before it closes and got another lovely watch! Originally priced at 175$ before taxes, I paid 150$ taxes included.

photo (4)

I've had an eye on this watch for a very long time so I'm quite happy that I finally have it but I can't help thinking that I wish I got it under different circumstances ... :(

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When things go wrong...

Compensate with retail therapy! Welcome my new iPad to the family!

photo (5)

Well things didn't quite turn out the way I wish they would have and I will have to spend a little joint more time in college... This iPad was meant to be a gift from myself to celebrate my graduation but now it's more of a "cheer up" gift. This may be materialistic but I don't care, I feel better already :)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here's to another failure...

* Depressing entry ahead, you've been warned. *

I feel like such a failure right now... I've been studying for a couple weeks for this Greek exam: Greek has been my weakness for a while... I lack interest in the language and the learning style just isn't fit for me. For the whole semester, I thought I was doing ok, not As but passing, at least that's what the grades shown on the system were leading me to believe.

I was taking a break from studying and I relived that grades had been updated and somehow, things didn't add up.... I calculated my grade by myself and calculated how much I would need on my exam to get a good grade and it turns out... To my surprise, even if I get a 100%, I will barely pass. Turns out the system was making an average of my grades instead of allocating each point according to what they would be worth at the end of the semester, fooling me all this time. I thought I was doing ok, turns out, I was doing horribly.

There's nothing I can do about it now except cry. I've already told my mom so she's knows what to expect but I feel horrible. I'm 22 years old, still in CEGEP... University was right there, I could almost reach it... But if I fail this class, I can't get my CEGEP diploma in time so I can't start University next fall either and that is such a disappointment for myself.

I've always been extremely disappointed in myself for not completing CEGEP the first time around even tho I had a valid excuse not to. This time, I don't. I'm feeling like all the odds are against me ever going to university.

Anyone good with miracles? I wouldn't mind one tomorrow...