Friday, June 15, 2012

My hair products and tools

This is probably the most requested blog post ever but here it is, finally! What I use to take care of my pink hair! Obviously, these are the products that work for me and hopefully it gives you an idea of how much of a maniac I am about my caring for my hair haha.


My scalp is very sensitive to shampoo and especially to ones that contain sulfates so I don’t have much of the choice but to go for “higher end” products. I like to use Biolage Colorcarethérapie Shampoo as well as Biolage Hydrathérapie Detangling Solution. Once in a while, I like to switch up my shampoos and I like to use Wella Shampoo and Conditionner Brilliance for Fine to Normal Colored Hair. These products are only available in salons but I was lucky and received some at the Glossybox event!


Lately, I’ve been using Manic Panic in Cotton Candy, Hot Hot Pink and a bit of Midnight blue instead of Special Effects… simply because they’re easier to get since they are available in most drugstore in Montreal. I still love Special Effects but it’s so hard to find… :S Of course, like I explained before, I like to mix my hair dye with conditioner and for that, I like Tresemmé’s because there are no orange or yellow ting to the conditioner!



other products

For styling products, I love shine serums! My favourite at the moment is the Elin Blanco serum I received at the Glossybox event because it smells so heavenly! I also swear by MISSHA Procure Silky Coating Hair Essence (kept my hair frizz-free in the crazy Seoul humidity last summer!) and got2b Glossy Shine Serum for shine, Marc Anthony Salon Expert Color Care Hairspray when I need extra hold to my hairstyles, got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion that I apply on wet hair before styling and Algemarin Dry Shampoo.



I recently upgraded my hair tools: my previous flat iron and curling iron were causing more damage to my already fragile hair then actually styling it. I now use a Cortex Platinum Black Series Ceramic Flat Iron for the little hair straightening that I do and the Cortex 4-in-1 Curling Wand Set for major curling jobs (which I think every girl should have, considering how affordable and how awesome it is!). When you talk heat styling, gotta talk about heat protectants and my two favourites are the KQC Thermal Shine Spray and its faithful back-up,  Tresemmé Heat Tamer Spray!


Of course, these products aren’t the only reason why my hair is in good shape and colour, I do a lot of little things that help a lot;

  • I NEVER EVER go to sleep with wet or even slightly humid hair. (Here’s why you should never sleep with wet hair btw)
  • I was my hair twice a week: otherwise, my pink fades extremely fast. Besides, it’s not good to shampoo your hair everyday, that’s why there’s dry shampoo to the rescue! Aaannnd, if you don’t wash your hair everyday, your expensive shampoo bottles last you longer ;D
  • I obsess over split ends and trim them as soon as I spot one.
  • Once in a while, I like to go an olive oil hair treatment to give my hair shine and to restore moisture in it. This tends to also make the pink dye bleed so I try to do this when I’m about to freshen up my colour.
  • I freshen up my colour every 3 weeks or so. I don’t like my pink hair to have a yellow, peachy colour so I try not to let it go that stage. Also, since I use conditioner with my hair dyes instead of peroxide volume, touch-ups don’t damage my hair.
  • I get my roots bleached at a salon: don’t mess with bleach at home, that shit can make your hair fall. Let the professionals handle it.

And there you have it! Pretty much all you ever wanted to know about my hair care products and routine! Is that a lot of products?



  1. omg so cute./ your hair products match the color of your hair! :D -Loving Sunshine

  2. Do you rinse your hair on days you don't wash them? Also, if you wash your hair only twice a week, isn't it going to look greasy?

  3. Thanks for sharing this :D

  4. use dry shampoo for the rest of the days of the week <3

  5. How I just love the VLOG on wet hair sleeping = no no XD

    Sweetheart, I love your blog <3 keep on making it.

  6. This post is full of great tips and recos! Thanks so much for taking the time to write it up, I want to try alot of these products now. Sadly I'm always sleeping with wet hair, I've been doing it since forever haha!

  7. oh no :( Your hair is at its weakest state when it's wet!

  8. Sometimes I rinse it, when I'm in a hurry, that's when I use the dry shampoo! :D

  9. Vivien SchönherrJune 18, 2012 at 5:04 AM

    such a great post with good tips :) thank u for sharing ^.^ i followed ur blog. its so cute :3