Sunday, August 5, 2012


I never actually planned to attend Otakuthon this year; I’ve realized last time I attended that I’m so out of the loop when it comes to anime and frankly, I don’t have the energy or time to get back into it. However, last night, I was feeling nostalgic when I saw all the cosplay pictures my friends were uploaded and decided at the last minute to attend anyway!



I had completed this costume with my mom a while ago; I had planned to wear this on Halloween last year but I ended not wearing it because I didn’t have the time to gather all the accessories. Last night I rushed to complete the costume and to turn the disaster that was this wig into something somewhat decent. It’s a good thing Babydoll’s hair is often messy because that’s the only thing this wig is good for… and the garbage can.

DSC_5018 copy

DSC_5011 copy

DSC_5019 copy

I had so much fun; I didn’t attend many events or panels but just posing and seeing how many people liked my cosplay and recognised me was all I needed.

Thanks Victor and Ria for convincing me to come and Mel for lending me your sword; without it, my pictures wouldn’t have been as good!


  1. Contente t'avoir accompagner en matinée et merci pour le boost de participation pour l'atelier. Tout s'est bien déroulé par la suite ! ;)

  2. Omgs the costumes are amazing! : D

  3. oh my godddd you are the perfect babydoll seriously <3

  4. HOT! That wig looks so real

  5. aawww thank you! That thing is in the garbage now, it was so tangled and burned... it had a long cosplay life haha

  6. hehe Fred l'animatrice IN DA HOUSE BABY! =D C'était super cool de te voir, votre panel m'a rendue super nostalgique!

  7. Awww you're sooo pretty!!!

  8. Hihi, pour moi c'est toujours une nostalgie l'animer. J'écoute les chansons, mais je ne suis plus le fandom... J'essayerai de me remettre à jour le plus possible :'D