Monday, September 3, 2012

New Space



For a while, I’ve been planning redecorating my room. A few years ago, my younger brother moved his room to the basement and I got his room, which was much bigger. We never got around decorating it so for years I had a teenage boys room, with dark blue walls and cubes mounted on the walls... So depressing!

So I decided that I’ve had enough and decided it’s time to make it ME ! At first, I wanted to go for something retro and girly but realized that I would probably grow tired of that look so going through IKEA’s catalogue, I decided to go for something more simplistic, modern but feminine. My mom really like the first concept image ( she called it the “blogger room” lol ) with an open wardrobe. I liked the idea and also thought it would be nice to have a bed frame with drawers: I have A LOT of clothes…

In any cases I can’t wait to see how it will it turn out! In the mean time… this is what my room looks like! Emptied and removed the cubes from the wall. Tomorrow, we’re enlarging the closet!!! We’re going to install full length mirror doors!!!! YAY!!!!


~ BTW: Readers who live in Quebec, don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow!!! ~


  1. Ahhh I know how you feel about wanting to re-do your room! I want to as well, but just don't know what to do yet!

  2. there are so many things you can do! Try painting it, it really does transform a room! I can't wait to show the final result!