Sunday, October 28, 2012

"It's easy to get lost in Felicia Hardy"

I present you, my latest cosplay, Black Cat / Felicia Hardy from Marvel!

I've had a fascination for her character for quite some time now ( I've never been very found of Mary Jane...) and when I heard that Arena was going to have a Halloween club, I seized the opportunity and made this costume!

I ordered the catsuit on eBay (this seller) and made a few adjustments so it would fit me better. I also got the wig on eBay (this seller): it's not a fantastic wig but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a wig that would most likely get ruined in a club. I hunted the perfect faux fur with my friend Eru and made the mask out of craft foam!

I wish I had better / not webcam pictures to show this costume... I won 200$ at the costume contest and I'm really happy about that! I want to work on a few things before I take pictures!

In the meantime, here's a lovely drawing a redditor did of me! :D


  1. SEXY MAMA! Damn, you amazing ♥ I wish I could pull off a cat-suit. Next year maybe hahahah~ Congrats on winning $200! Oh, and from what I can see, your make-up looks so amazing.

  2. You look fantastic! Black Cat is a favorite of mine (I've never been a big fan of MJ either). I really love the makeup and I'm looking forward to seeing some full body pictures.

  3. OMG you look so hot. Like seriously. So SOO hot. <3
    and the drawing's so cute!
    I'm too lazy to head to a club this year, so i'm staying home watching unscary horror movies. #wimp

    mad love,
    Nancy :)

  4. That is an excellent costume! Very well done!

  5. Le costume a l'air génial :D. Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas une photo full body.
    J'adore le dessin aussi :3

  6. merci! je vais essayer d'en prendre bientot :)

  7. thanks! It's made out of craft foam!

  8. I did that last year: no need to party every time!

  9. Black Cat fans unite! I'll try to take some full body pictures soon! There are few things here and there that I would like to fix first :)

  10. Honestly, I think catsuits are 80% about confidence, 15% about preventing a camel toe and 5% about your figure!!