Thursday, November 22, 2012

Katy Perry lashes review

I was at Shopper's today and I noticed these lashes in a gift section and was quite intrigued by them. I had read a couple of interesting reviews on these lashes and thought I would try them myself! There are four different designs and they all are packaged beautifully. The boxes remind me of Japanese cosmetics, such as Dolly Wink.

I decided to give the Oh, Honey! since they seemed to be quite natural. Oh My! is quite dramatic and I couldn't think of any occasions where wearing such lashes would actually look nice on me. Sweeties also has a more natural look and I liked how the ends of the lashes are thicker; it reminds me a lot of popular Diamond lashes. Finally, Cool Kitty seems to be the type of lashes I would wear at night, although they kind of remind me of lashes you can get in those 10 for 2$ boxes.
What I like: the lashes are very dense, they don't look bulky. The length it also ideal and the curl is perfect: some lashes are too curly and end up poking the top of my eyelid. If you would like a more intense curl, they can easily be curled, although they will most likely not fit in a regular eyelashes curler unless you trim them. If you wish to do the elongated lash line style of make up ( like in gyaru ), I recommend using the KOJI no 100 lashes curler to curl them! The lashband is very think, invisible and flexible, making the lashes very light. They are so light, you don't feel like you're wearing lashes!

What I didn't like: the glue that comes with the lashes is not worth trying to use. I recommend sticking to your favorite glue and not wasting your time with the sample provided. Another thing I didn't like is that the lashes looks little bit shiny. I also wished that that another pair was included since they seem quite fragile and I'm pretty sure they will wear out in no time...

Overall, I think they are very good lashes and I think that they can easily be used for Japanese style make-up! They are also way above other lashes sold in drugstores in terms of quality. The price is quite reasonable and they can easily be found at Shopper's for 7,99$!




  1. Haven't heard about these till now. I like the packaging, too. Sweetie pie looks really nice and suitable for a more natural look

  2. They look cute! I might see if I can find them when I go home for Christmas

  3. I have all of the styles and I can't wait to try them, especially Oh, My! even though they are quite dramatic!