Thursday, November 29, 2012

Terminanurse (728)

If you follow me on twitter, you've probably read some tweets about how I'm sick and all. Meh. I've spent the last couples days in several clinics and the last two in a hospital, mostly waiting to see doctors and specialists and all.

Today I met Terminanurse ( que j'ai surnommé la matricule 728 des infirmières mais ça marche pas tant en Anglais ). I've been in and out of clinics and hospitals for the whole weeks, trying to figure out what's wrong with me ( i.e. rashe, extremely high fevers, swollen and painful lymph nodes, blah blah blah ) and we've finally narrowed it down: it's either an allergic reaction to my new meds for epilepsy or some evil unindentified nasty. And blood tests will tell. Cool.

So that's where Terminanurse comes in. Lady looks nice, we chat a little bit; I like to get to know people a bit before I give them some blood, you know.... I'm a lady. She finally pricks me with her needle. I never look at my arm during a blood test because I hate blood and I hate needles. So I was looking at my mom instead, everything was going well... Until she starts WIGGLING THAT NEEDLE OF DEATH INSIDE OF MY ARM!!!!

" Ow that hurts "

No response. She keeps on wiggling the freaking needle more. I'm not one to complain about pain, but this shit hurts like fuck.

" Ok, this hurts really really bad "

No response from the nurse. My mom looks horrified and the pain crosses that threshold and I start crying, really really hard. And I'm trying not to move because Terminanurse over here is still wiggling that huge ass needle in my arm and last thing I need right now is to make it worse.


The keeps wiggling this evil medical tool in my arm. I can feel the needle scratching whatever else is in my arm and close to said vein. She's not hearing my begging so I sit there, crying so hard, looking at my scared mother.

" Ok ~~ I'm done ~~ !"

She finally removes the diabolic needle from my arm and goes on with her business, nearly whistling a joly tune while I'm still crying in pain. I didn't let her put a bandaid on me... WHAT COULD SHE DO WITH A BANDAID IF SHE COULD HURT ME WITH A NEEDLE... I ain't taking risks, I'll bleed in my shirt, I don't care.

We get out of there and my mom says: " Ice cream ? "

" A full tub please. "

And then,

I dyed my hair lilac.

You can still see the rashes on my arms and face :(



  1. omg a nurse did that to me before. we yelled at her so badly. we told her to remove the needle immediately. switched nurse and let them use another arm. sometimes, a switch of arm helps. or maybe ur veins are super tiny but still sh shuldnt wiggle. WTF! AND AWESOME HAIR LOVEEEE

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I've never been in a situation like that but I'm always wary about nurses with needles. How could she think that wiggling the needle would help?! I hope they find out what's wrong soon.

  3. Gosh, that sounds so horrible :( I feel sorry that this happened to you... I had a similar experience once. A doctor tried to pull the threads of a stiched wound from an operation but it hurt really bad (right above a nerve) so he was really careful and hesistant not to hurt me. A nurse saw this and started to mock him (he was a young doctor, she an older nurse). Then she took the tools away from him, and pulled the threads herself. But she did it so badly that I ended up with two of three stitches removed incompletely. I pulled one out myself later (the thread piece was about half a centimeter long and dug deep into my skin ;__;) and the other piece was so deep that i had to get it removed surgically -___-

    I sure hope you feel better soon!
    Fever and lymph nodes really sounds like it's an allergic reaction, but it could also be mononucleosis. Anyway, I hope they find out soon and are able to help you!

    And your hair looks amazing :3

  4. Omg, that really sounds horrible. Poor girl. I'm so glad I never had such experiences when they were taking my blood.

    Oh your symptoms sounds very fimilar to me. I had mononucleosis about 2 years ago and I had the symptoms you're describing. At the beginning they couldn't find anything at first, but I had a very excellent doctor who guessed from the beginning that the symptoms sounds like this disease. My bloodtests were all negative to the virus but he gave me the right treatment because of his guess.
    If it is mononcleosis than your spleen should be enlarged too (and thats the risky thing with this disease)... but it is a really common disease, so if it is mononucleosis then they should have already found out I think...

    Well, hope they find out what's wrong soon and can help you. Hope you're getting better soon!

    Your hair is amazing btw. ;D

    (and sorry for my bad english ^^')

  5. Man, so unprofessional! She clearly couldn't find your vein and was too stupid to admit it and start over again. Anyway hope the blood tests tell you what's wrong, and that you feel better soon x In the meantime, take it easy and eats lots of ice cream :)

    Quick needle-related story: one time, when I was donating blood, the nurse stuck the needle next to the vein (or half-in, half-out, not sure), but she didn't realise or something. It didn't hurt, but after she pulled the needle back out again, my whole arm swelled up and turned all sorts of blue and green in the following days. Not much fun explaining my bruised arm to my friends and family -__-

  6. Oh I've been there with horrible wiggle needles, brought back a lot of memories reading through your post *cry*

    But you look stunning with your lilac hair :D

  7. Oh my God! poor of you! i hope you better sweati u.u Btw your lilac hair looks beautiful.

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  8. damn. I hate nurses like that. And then when you complain about the pain,they just patronizingly pat you on the head like you're a whiny little baby and offer you a barbie bandage. It's like: go fall off a cliff you cheerfully evil hag. >.<

    I love your hair tho! I really wanted to go lilac too during the summer but my parents were very strongly opposed to it T_T and now I can't anymore because COOP season is coming up and I need to look professional T_T so no crazy colours for me. bleh

  9. I think we should have done that... I can't believe I let her finish :O

  10. How arrogant of her: just because the doctor is young doesn't mean he was doing it the wrong way. Ugh!!

  11. They really thought it was mono, I think I did about 4-5 mono tests this week but I highly doubt it's mono. Right now I feel perfectly fine and the rash is gone so I think I was just having a bad allergic reaction!

  12. oh god at least it didn't hurt! I have a bruise of my arm that makes me look like a drug addict ...

  13. Oh I don't know what's worse: the pain they cause you, or the way they patronize you after. The pain made me feel sad... the patronizing made me want to rip her head off!

  14. thank you! Clearly she wasn't thinking about me when she was doing that :(