Friday, January 27, 2012

Betsey Johnson <3

I’ve also love Betsey clothes but I don’t know why, I was always too intimidated to visit the store we have right next to my work… probably because I’m aware of the prices and I know I can’t really afford it… nonetheless, I ended up visiting the store today.

I was greated by the two shop staff and they were so nice: they were quick to compliment my hair and say it was very Betsey-like hehe. I started browsing and one of them asked me if they could dress me up so I accepted!! I always wanted to shop staff to just bring me clothes and let me try them on!

photo 2

Dress: (I couldn’t find it on the website!) Sweater: Rosebud Jacquard Pullover 
Tutu (under): Crinoline Petticoat

photo 1

They were both so sweet and adorable and took a picture with me!

I have to say, I was a bit self conscious because the outfit they picked out for me was really nice but quite expensive BUT, the young man had  a back up plan and showed me a lovely silk dress he thought would look really good on me AND it happened to be on sale! So I gave it a try and I was surprised to see how flattering and adorable it was!

photo 3

Midnight Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

I love it so much, I bought it on the spot and left the store wearing it. It’s the first time I buy something so expensive but I thought of the cost per wear, like they always talk about in make-over shows, and this item was definitely worth the price. Originally at 405$, I paid 100$ for it!

This post really seems materialistic but this dress and the care these two gave me tonight really made me happy and I hope every shopping experience could be like that!

photo (2)50% off the last price!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink Pink Pink !

In the spur of the moment today, I decided to get my hair bleached at a salon near my house so that when I would put the pink dye back, it would turn out lighter. My hair has been turning peachy pink and it really annoys me!

Since I didn't go to my regular, I was a little but anxious to let a stranger play with my hair. Turns out the stylist who did my hair had black and pink hair and he was familiar with funky colors so he knew why I wanted him to bleach my hair nearly white. Plus, he recommended a few göt2b products he loves even though he wasn't supposed to because those are te products sold by the salon ;D

Left: Fresh out of the salon Right: after toner

I had a bottle of toner at home so j saved a few extra bucks and tones it myself :) once that was done, I mixed my dye using Special Effects in Cupcake Pink, Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink and half a bottle of condition! Let it sit around an hour ( I don't know.... I fell asleep in my bed lol) and voila!

DIY pink dye :)

I'm do happy that I finally reached the tone of pink I've wanted all this time!!

White to pink !! :D

It’s a good day when your hair looks finally the way you wanted it to <3

Monday, January 16, 2012

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue


Recently, I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friend Marie and she’s pretty much the queen of circle lenses so I decided to get myself new lenses from Candylens.

First off, super cute packaging: someone who pays so much attention to matching the free cases to the colour of the lenses that I’m ordering is a winner: definitely buying from them again. Plus, they wrote me a sweet hand written card:


Isn’t that super sweet? I’m all about customer service and this my friends, is great service! But what about the lenses…

I always wore GEO, Neo or EOS but Marie has told me good things about Barbie Eyes… plus the pattern was super cute and the blue extremely vibrant!

IMG_0758Diameter: 16.00mm Water content: 48% Base curbe: 8.6mm

I find that they blend with my natural eye colour quite naturally. They are really comfortable to wear event though my eyes are extremely sensitive… I was able to wear them at work but they became uncomfortable after a few hours since the air at my workplace is extremely dry…

Design and colour: ♥♥♥♥♥
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡
Price: ♥♥♥♥♥

Friday, January 6, 2012


I have to admit, lately, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to what I wear and how I accessorize it: I’ve been wearing the same over and over again. So I was glad to see the following shoot in January’s edition of Vivi :)




I hope I can create that many looks with the same top as well!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Are you fucking serious, Ricardo?

So earlier tonight I was contacted by the friend of a restaurant I reviewed last year concerning my pictures… Actually, let me show you the e-mail.
So I kindly replied:
You may have noticed with my template changes that a lot of widgets have disappeared from my side bar and the mention: “ All content of this blog is copyrighted and protected. Redistribution of any content in unlawful. Powered by Blogger.”  Combined with that and my reply, I was mind blown when I read this response:
WTF WHAT PART OF “YOU MAY NOT USE MY PICTURES FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES” DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???!!! I’M NOT “OKAY” WITH THIS!!!! You’re making a “website” (on tumblr…) to advertise a restaurant so this IS commercial purpose. You’re going to get money from this (or your friend) by using my pictures… then fucking pay me.
Don’t just take six of my pictures, resize them so the point that my watermark is no visible on half of them and put them on your blog without even linking back WTF.
So by at at point, I was spitting fire, yet I still managed to reply is a polite way:
But Ricardo here clearly has no clue of what respect is and sends me this gem:
Ricardo, if you’re starting in website creation, you should check out the acts that I mentioned in my next reply:
Then, finally, the most incoherent email:
So if you’re not owner and fan, wouldn’t you do your best to NOT put shame on that restaurant by angering past customers with your lack of respect for their intellectual property??!! They didn’t serve me generously, I paid for my meal like everyone and shared my thought because I liked it.

Indeed, I’m a very intimidating blogger (sarcasm) as just don’t want you to use my pictures, you prick.
Like I mentioned earlier, I took pictures and no one came to me asking me to not do so. Also, there were no signs or mentions on the menu that could have led me to thing that taking pictures in this restaurant was prohibited.
That’s right, you’re not the owner, how dare you sully his name and his restaurant if you are such a fan?
That part of the email killed me. Why are you bringing the issues of Congo into this? Anyone see a link between his using my pictures against my wishes and Congo because I don’t see it. All I see is someone trying to use one sad situation so that he and his friends can benefit from it which is extremely lame and wrong on so many levels.

So Ricardo, I understand that you are a rapper and have used controversial topics such as Fredy Villanueva, racial tensions and other heavy topics for your songs.
How would you feel if I emailed you, saying that I would like to use some of your lyrics for a songs that I’m writing for Katy Perry. Although the idea is probably sweet and it would mean your name being mentioned in Katy Perry’s album, you fucking hate her music and don’t want to be associated with her. So you tell me not to do it but I think “ whatever, this dude doesn’t understand how famous he’ll get”… see what I’m doing here? It’s the same fucking thing.
Just as much as your lyrics are your intellectual property, my pictures are my intellectual property as well. The fact that both are available for the public to see and listen to does not make it public property for everyone to use for their own benefits.
Have some fucking respect for others and don’t take it upon yourself to decide what to do with other people’s photography if you know shit about copyrights.


Alright so he finally took the pictures down and we’re cool but this post is staying because the point that I’m trying to prove is not “omg what a jerk” (although it could come across this way…) but how I care about how my content is distributed and how all bloggers should. In the past, I have allowed my pictures to be used for businesses because we had mutual agreements, especially when it came to circle lenses reviews. I would review the lenses for compensation and in return, the owner of that business had the right to use the content of the said review of advertising purposes.
I don’t care if you think this is slander because it’s not: I displayed how rude you were to me by asking consent and not respecting my choice. For it to be slander or defamation, my claim would have to be false which is not the case as I have published our conversation as is.
I’m glad that you learned a lesson and hope you will be more careful in the future.