Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your sacrifice will not have been in vain

Do you have siblings? I have two brothers. You've seen my older brother Etienne in my travel pictures in Korea but I've never really talked about my younger brother. I love my younger brother but he has a terrible, terrible attitude sometimes. Most of the time, he's 21 going on 16. Picture that high school kid, who's loud and oblivious in the bus making a ruckus and bothering everyone with his equally loud and oblivious friends.That's my brother. Except he's of legal drinking age and can drive. Soooooooooo that's just great.

My younger brother and I are polar opposites. I like a quiet and peaceful home whenever our parents are away and he sees an opportunity for hangouts, booze and drugs. Soooooooooo that's also just great.

But what kills me, sometimes I think my brother skipped that line when they were giving out empathy. My brother has been back from a ski trip for 3 days now and his luggage has been in the dining room ever since. In order to do to the kitchen, you kinda have to go through to the dining room so it's in the way. And being oblivious, he not only left it there, but also left it there opened. And we're not talking teeny tiny luggage, we're talking HUGE ASS SKI TRIP luggage.

I didn't say anything about it but I just literally RIPPED MY WHOLE TOENAIL OFF FROM HIS STUPID LUGGAGE that has been there for THREE FUCKING WHOLE DAYS.

So here I am, missing a toenail. And it's bleeding. And I hate blood. And I'm thinking: " Oh hell no. Your sacrifice will not have been in vain. He will learn from this, he will learn pain. MY PAIN"

So I call him up, still sobbing;

" 'Ssup"

"I just ripped my entire toenail on your luggage and it's bleeding every where."

" K. Well it's not my fault. Bye"


Sooooooo going back to that part where my brother has no empathy. Yep. BUT one of his friends, Simon, has some. A little bit. In fact. of all his douchy friends, he's the only one I like. So instead, I'm hoping Simon was around when I called him. Since my brother couldn't even say " Oh my, I'm sorry, I should have cleaned it up earlier, are you gonna be ok?" I imagined the following post phone call conversation to make myself feel better;

" Wtf my sister is weird"

" What's up "

" She just called me to tell me she ripped her toenail on my luggage."

" Ouch that hurts man, happened to me once. How did it happen?"

" Iunno man, don't care."

" Whad'ya mean? Wasn't she snooping in your room?"

" No, the luggage was in the dining room. "

" Wait, you left your shit there since you got back?"

" Yeah. So what?"

" Come bro... that's kinda your fault if she ripped her toenail. Clean up your shit man."

" Are you serious? "

" Dude, do you know how painful it is to lose a toenail? I'm dead serious man." 

So now I feel a bit better. Thank you Simon for making my brother a bit less of a jerk by being nice... at least in my head. And now, I'm gonna go tend of my ripped toenail.