Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Withdrawal, Graduation and Meeting Joyce!

Hi everyone! 

I thought a little update on everything would be nice since I haven't blogged in so long...

For a few months now, I've been in the process of changing epilepsy medications and gradually introducing a new medications. Since I had been taking the old one for years, the process had to be done very slowly and had to be monitored. Not going to lie, it wasn't easy but I am much happier now on the new medication. I've lost a considerable amount a weight as a result of the withdrawal and some other minor side effects but I am much happier now in regards of my health!

I lost over 10 pounds in this process. 
*disclaimer disclaimer*
 this weight loss was a side effect, not something I wanted. I was happy with my body,
 still am. I ate like a pig and still pig ;) blablabla

Since we are on the topic of happiness, I FUCKING FINALLY GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE. Some of you might remember that last year, I wasn't able to graduate. I went back to school anyway, worked hard and now I can finally be in University full time. I already got in at UdeM for East Asian Studies and History.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I met Joyce from Sparkly Playground! Joyce is in Montreal for her dream job but since she's far from home, I thought it might be fun to cook breakfast for her since she has probably been eating hotel food for a while. We had brunch at my place and of course, had to take some photobooth picture together :)

Finally, some changes are coming to the look of this blog so please bare with how it looks like right now. :)

So that's pretty much it for my life and blog update!

I'm leaving for Toronto in 2 days for Anime North! If any of you are doing, let me know, I would love to meet you!!


  1. Ohhh contratulations on your graduation! :D It's good to hear you managed to reach your goals after putting so much effort into it ^_^ See, I'm in a similar situation, I started to studies and quit because of several problems, until I was able to find what was right for me. And all this time I felt like a total failure for "waisting" those two years of my life, I hated myself for being older than the others people in my class (even though people of very different ages were there and some were significantly older than me) etc. So I understand how you must have felt back then. I hope I'll be able to graduate this summer and be just as happy about it :)

    And it's also good to hear that you're feeling better with the new medication :3
    Have fun at Anime North! Wish I could go to such a big con for once, well, maybe sometime in the future ^^

  2. Mr Fortune lol Just kidding.May 25, 2013 at 10:53 PM


    Hello, I'm one of the people that watched you through the Crunchyroll feed from the convention.

    I just thought I'd drop by to say hi. ^__^

    By the way, awesome phone belt. ;)

  3. Hi!
    thanks for watching the feed, it was a lot of fun haha :) thanks for cheking out my blog

    the phone belt ended up being the best idea ever!

  4. thank you! :D Anime North was a lot of fun! I'll be blogging about it soon~

  5. I hope you get to graduate soon, I can so relate to your situation! Best of luck <3

    Anime North was a lot of fun, I'll be blogging about it soon! :D