Monday, June 17, 2013

Fortune's dilemma

The pictures you see above were taken during anyone during a photoshoot with one of the most awesomest cosplay photographer, Ray Lum. One evening, I was bored so I walked in to my friends room and they were shooting some beautiful (and a bit sexy oh oh oh) pictures. Once they were done, the girls offered me to give it a try too, since Ray was all set up. It was A LOT of fun!!

Fast forward today, I have had the pictures for some time and I still can't decide whether I should upload them or not. 

It is not that I am naked, I wouldn't dare take such pictures lol what is making me hesitate is because my top is clearly a bra. Adding to the sexy atmosphere of the picture, what scares me is that my picture might be mistaken for something else than cosplay... 

But I'm also thinking "whatever. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, they're your favourite from the whole convention, you're using them everywhere as your profile picture, you haven't photoshopped them at all. Girls your age have had more revealing pictures on the Internet for years now.

Dilemma dilemma.... in a way.... Am I an Internet prude? haha


  1. Gorrrrgeous! Your eyes look so pretty~

  2. thank you!! I'm wearing circle lenses in these pictures :) There are Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green (Bambi Series) !