Sunday, September 22, 2013

Montreal Comic Con 2013 Recap!

I'm so  lazy right now... is it still necessary to do a con recap? haha well let's do the highlights then ;)

I was attending Comic Con with IXDAILY.COM as media this year so on Friday, I met with Trent and Natania in my Babydoll cosplay and we wondered around the convention before attending :devKamuiCosplay:'s panel. It was a lot of fun and it was amazing to get tips from the Queen of Worbla herself!!

BIIIIIG Con day~ Before heading to the convention, Ray Lum and I had a shoot planned for Janna. We shot near my place, by the waterside... BUT IT WAS FREEZING OMG. We got a lot of amazing shots so it was all worth it :D At the con, Mao-Chan and I had been planning a really fun masquerade skit but poor Mao got an eye infection! Mao is a champ because she decided that she wanted to go on stage anyway and we perfomed! Kamui judged our costume and it was amazing to talk to her and tell her how we did our costumes. We were both starstruck but it was really nice to tell her that her tutorials not only motivated but helped me make Janna AND get on stage and show our cosplays off.

Our performance was good? We couldn't really hear our track too well because of the horrible feedback in the room. I had spent hours on the tracks so I knew our cues so hopefully we looked good on stage... We got a great response from the audience but I'm still waiting for the masquerade to be uploaded ...

After the masquerade, we both changed and parted ways. I hung out with Chris and Jack Liu for a bit and we headed for dinner with the masquerade staff and the guests! It was really cool to sit down with Kamui, Monika Lee and Jessica Nigri and everyone :D I got home pretty late on Saturday night and passed out haha.


The masquerade award ceremony was a 10:30 and the night before, I was hinted that I should attend so I did. Mao couldn't make it since she was still sick and had another event later. There was only 3 prizes in our category but when our names didn't get called I was a bit of a sad puppy... until they announced that they had 3 award from the guests! In the end... Mao-chan and I won the

Jessica Nigri Workmanship Award!!!

I was so happy! It was my first masquerade ever and I was so happy that we got an award AND from Jessica Nigri!! AAAAAHH!!! Congratulations to everyone who also won an award! 

In the end, I spent the rest of the day walking around the convention, derping around with Nathania and Beevi :3

Comic Con was a lot of firsts and a lot of joy! My first masquerade was frightening thought but it was a joy to be rewarded something. I also bought a lot of comics (pretty sure no one is interested in that? haha) and prints :3


  1. I saw you during the masquarade. Good job, you were awesome AND I'm so jealous of you that you took a selfie with Jessica!! haha Well at least I met her and bought a personalised signed picture from her, but still~
    Keep up the good work girl ;)

  2. thank you! :D isn't Jessica such a nice person? :)