Saturday, November 16, 2013

Anime North dilemma

what do what do... share this pic I took?

I was discussing with DonDolce who was asking me if I was going to be at Anime North. Right now my answer is No.

Truth is I have no idea

My thing about conventions is cosplay. I’m not really into anime that much these days. I game moderately but my passion is creating costumes so I look for events that are ideal for that. Otakuthon is the perfect Canadian convention for cosplay for me because not only is it my home convention but it has amazing locations nearby the convention itself in walking distance to the convention center that are ideal for photoshoots. For people who are competing, the masquerade at Otakuthon is also known for being well organized.

With Anime North… the convention center is located in the middle of parking lot with little to no locations for photoshoots; the ones that are near the conventions center are so popular that they are almost impossible to use. People now to resort to driving away from the convention center and that is just not something that attract me as a cosplayer. As for the masquerade, the AN masquerade as a bit of a different reputation...

Anime North still remains a very fun convention and I have a lot of cosplayer friends who are based in Toronto. But being older now, running from panels to panels, missing on sleep and partying all night is just something that I can’t do and it seems to that that’s what a lot of AN is about… with my condition, I really have to take care of myself ;__; for Katsucon, I even made sure that my partner and I were on the same line about going to bed early and not partying that much!

So will I be at AN? I haven’t made a decision yet… I want to go again, but I don’t know if I want to invest in a great cosplay since that’s my thing and I feel I can’t do much of it there. It’s also quite expensive to travel to a convention too…

Keep is mind too that my last Anime North was extremely bitter, but then again, you should never base your opinion on a convention on personal interactions… right?

oh what do, what do...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Back up!

And we're back online!

Did you noticed this blog was out of the internet strato-whatever? Google Apps has got to be the worse way to manage a domain renewal. Why did they have to change it? It was a lot easier before, I could renew it right though, it was so simple... Then again, why keep something that's good and simple right? *cough* Google Reader *cough*

To be honest this blog has been a lot of nothing these days. I've been really busy with university; I'm in over my head with 5 history courses. Thankfully, I live on campus so it's a bit easier to manage than living at home in Dorval but these days I wish I was at home because we just adopted a new puppy!!

Her name is Pixel (although my mom insists in spelling is "Pixelle" because she's a girl, I'm not convinced on the spelling thing...), she's a Havanese bichon and she's 8 weeks old!!

Now, we have established in the past that if you hate dogs, you probably should never visit my blog ever again because this is turning into a puppy pictures craze sweety.

Isn't she just a little bundle of joy?

For anyone wondering, Echo is a still with us! He is the reason why we got Pixel in the first place, at 11 years old, we thought it would do him some good to have a companion :)