Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Back up!

And we're back online!

Did you noticed this blog was out of the internet strato-whatever? Google Apps has got to be the worse way to manage a domain renewal. Why did they have to change it? It was a lot easier before, I could renew it right though, it was so simple... Then again, why keep something that's good and simple right? *cough* Google Reader *cough*

To be honest this blog has been a lot of nothing these days. I've been really busy with university; I'm in over my head with 5 history courses. Thankfully, I live on campus so it's a bit easier to manage than living at home in Dorval but these days I wish I was at home because we just adopted a new puppy!!

Her name is Pixel (although my mom insists in spelling is "Pixelle" because she's a girl, I'm not convinced on the spelling thing...), she's a Havanese bichon and she's 8 weeks old!!

Now, we have established in the past that if you hate dogs, you probably should never visit my blog ever again because this is turning into a puppy pictures craze sweety.

Isn't she just a little bundle of joy?

For anyone wondering, Echo is a still with us! He is the reason why we got Pixel in the first place, at 11 years old, we thought it would do him some good to have a companion :)

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